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New Germ's Journey e-book!

Help your children to understand the spread of Coronavirus and the importance of handwashing in a fun and engaging way!


Jess and her brother Joe were playing with their toys when Jess felt a tickle in her throat. The little tickle turned into a bigger tickle. And the bigger tickle turned into a giant cough and sneeze!

Can they stop the germs from spreading? Join them on their journey and learn how to become a handwashing superhero! Bye-Bye Germs includes fact boxes to inform both children and parents/carers of the science behind the story.

A FREE copy of the e-book is available for a limited time!

Email: germs@medinapublishing.com to claim yours.

Welcome to the A Germ's Journey Educational Resources Website!

Here you can explore our learning resources for various age groups and cultures; including games, colouring sheets, posters, parent and teacher guides and songs. You can also read our research and even add your own research too!

The idea for A Germ's Journey came about when microbiologist, Dr. Katie Laird was trying to teach her young son about germs and handwashing and realised that there were very little educational resources available for teaching young children about this topic.

Katie then discussed this idea with Education specialist, Prof. Sarah Younie and the two worked together alongside a multidisciplinary team of experts from a range of areas including: microbiology, education, art and design, and technology to develop unique interactive learning resources for young children.

The aim of 'A Germ's Journey' project is to raise awareness of health hygiene. Through fun and interactive education we are teaching young children the importance of hand-washing for their own health and well-being. Our mission is to make 'A Germ's Journey' educational resources freely available at-the-point-of-access to children, educators and healthcare workers around the world.

We hope you enjoy the Germ’s Journey resources.

Katie and Sarah (co-founders of a Germ's Journey Educational resources)

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